Internet Co. Blocks Twitter; Trump Celebrates Successes At Border; Bill to Abolish Electoral College


0:00 NTD Evening News 1/12/2021
1:35 Trump Remarks on Achievements at Border
3:57 Dems Seek to Abolish Electorial College
4:35 Florida Rep. Calls to Divest From Big Tech
6:58 Idaho Internet Provider Blocked Twitter, Facebook
7:49 Twitter: Access to Information “Important”
10:03 FBI, DOJ Looking at Crimes in Capitol Riot
11:34 Schumer Suggests Ban Trump Rally-goers
12:38 PBS Counsel Lays Out Radical Leftist Plan
14:38 Arnold Schwarzenegger Video
16:31 Pompeo: Iran is New Base For Al-Qa’ida
18:59 Officials Brief on Operation Warp Speed
23:01 Careers in Question After Attending Rally
24:23 Legal Teams Discuss Reopening California
27:39 California House Prices
32:30 Features of China’s Cultural Revolution
35:15 Baby Lotion Causes Deformities
40:17 Proposed Tax Targets NYC 2nd Homes
42:55 Signal’s Meteoric Rise in Downloads
44:10 GM Unveils a Flying Cadillac
46:36 UK to Stop Imports From China’s Xinjiang
48:10 Nuclear Firm Told to Resolve Safety Issues
48:42 Dutch Customs Seize British Ham Sandwich
49:28 Official Calls on WHO to be Transparent
50:54 Film Palace Turns Into Vaccine Centre
51:27 Sales to Begin for 1st Artificial Heart
52:08 One of Kind Donkey Farm in Ukraine
55:09 South Korea Startup Creates Smart Dog Collar
56:37 Skier Reaches 55mph in Double Front Flip

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