I Think Dwyane Wade Is Using His LGBTQ Son For Attention!


Dwyane Wade’s son Zion, who he know refers to as his daughter by the name of Zaya, is twelve-years-old and appears to be a rising LGBTQ star. Wade and his wife, star actress Gabrielle Union, appear to be promoting him on red carpets, on social media, and more. And the million-dollar question to be asked here is … at what point can a person make adult decisions like deciding to become transgender?

At what *age* can a person become an LGBTQ icon? Because apparently, the aforementioned questions have not been decided yet by society here in the US. But most people would agree that twelve years old is way too young and what “his” parents are doing is way too much and reeks of trying to achieve social media fame.

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Dwyane Wade’s 12-year-old daughter, Zaya, makes her red carpet debut



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