Incoming / While Black

Hollywood Dreaming…While Black

What’s long and hard on a black man…..2nd grade!

That’s only one example of the overt racism todays guest Dui Jarrod (writer, actor, director, producer, creative) had to navigate as he exploded into this industry that so many dream about.

Today Dui talks breaking into the industry of film production while not allowing the ever present bias and racism to kill his dreams before they became realities. He talks dreaming further than you can see and he breaks down the blessing partnering with BET was. 

We also find out that he enjoys grits with sugar…but we won’t hold that against him.

Hit play now to learn and be inspired on your own journey to success.

Follow DUI on his latest journey with his new web series King Ester ( and make sure to check out the exceptional Brooklyn Blue Sky on YouTube.  

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