Father of Young Man Killed in CHOP Gives Tearful Plea


Horace Lorenzo Anderson, Sr. gave a tearful plea to the mayor of Seattle Jenny Durkan and any other leadership. His 19-year-old son, Horace Jr., was shot and killed in the CHOP zone back on June 20th of this year. Police and EMTs were prevented from coming into the zone by the occupiers of the zone. Mr. Anderson says that his should have received medical attention instead of being treated in the way that he was. He also believes that Black Lives Matter, but those black lives include his son.

The Mayor, Jenny Durkan, did not shut CHAZ / CHOP down for three weeks. She did not take action to shut the area down until the so-called “protesters” visited her home. Mr. Anderson says that action should have been taken a long time ago when the situation got out of hand. And he’s right. If that advice were taken, then his son would be alive today.

FULL INTERVIEW: https://www.foxnews.com/media/horace-lorenzo-anderson-father-chop-shooting-victim

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