Fascism Still Flourishes Under Biden

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Fascism was on full display over the past two nights in Los Angeles’ Echo Park, as police sought to forcibly remove house-less residents but were met with opposition from the community. Police made arbitrary arrests and detentions and violated the rights of journalists (and legal observers) with their actions. Ricci Sergienko from the People’s City Council was there, filming incredible scenes of barbaric behavior by police and joins Kim today to talk about it.

Also, Amazon has been poppin’ off on Twitter about how great an employer they are — meanwhile, workers are having to urinate in bottles to maximize productivity while on the clock. Max Alvarez, host of the Working People Podcast and Editor-in-Chief of The Real News Network, was on the ground in Bessemer, AL to cover the strong unionization push of Amazon workers there. This could be a game changer, for the mostly black, mostly women workers, and a reckoning for all of those who work tirelessly to enrich Jeff Bezos’ bottom line preventing workers from receiving proper compensation and upholding unsafe working conditions.

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