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Episode 845 | No Opposition to Trump | Biden Pummeled | Rogan? Who Cares? | HRC on Why Bernie Should Stay In

Episode 845 |

Seriously, where is the opposition against Trump? We need principled opposition to push back against the president of the United States because his actions, his inactions, and his narcissism is going to get hundreds-of-thousands more people killed. And where are the Democrats!?

Joe Biden is about to be pummeled by Donald Trump. This isn’t going to play out well once the primaries are over. I don’t want to be right. But can anybody explain why I am wrong?

Joe Rogan won’t vote for Joe Biden. That’s the fault of the Democrats.

A two-part interview with Malaika Jabali of the Guardian. We discuss the pandemic, Joe Biden, and the black misleadership class.

Hillary Clinton makes the very best case for Bernie Sanders NOT dropping out.

Black people are disproportionately dying of the coronavirus. The data is terrifying. And we don’t even have the complete picture yet.

Covered in the Blood of Jesus? Okay, sure. I am. But I’m also smart enough not to go to church during the middle of a gd pandemic. Listen to these morons.

Part two of the interview with Malaika Jabali



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