Ep. 955 | William Barr, Most Dangerous Man In America | Assange Trial | Protecting The Election


In one single speech, William Barr clearly enunciates why he is the most dangerous person to American Democracy. He views the Department of Justice as his own personal agency designed to carry out his orders versus carrying out justice. What’s more, he views “justice” as how he defines it versus equal justice before the law. Even worse, he, along with Trump’s Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, attempts to pass off this perversion of Justice as “equal justice before the law.”

Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, is facing extradition from the UK to the United States where he faces 175 years in prison for publishing information leaked by Chelsea Manning that revealed the depth of America’s war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Assange is facing 18 new counts including “hacking.” However, Assange engaged in no hacking and merely published this information in his journalistic capacity.

The sad irony is this: Wikileaks sought to gain favor from then-candidate Trump and now the Trump administration is pushing forward with this extradition.

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