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Ep. 95 – Wakanda Is For the Children

In case you live under a rock, the world was introduced to Wakanda and the Blacks showed out because it’s in our DNA!! Folks took to the movies decked out in African garb, people had drum circles all up in the AMC, and one movie theater in Atlanta even had an oxtail cook-off during before the credits. Y’all REALLY showed out. We can’t remember ever seeing anything this epic.

This week, we discuss the significance of “Black Panther” without any spoilers (you have one more week!). Back in the real world, we gave our critique on Kehinde Wiley’s presidential portraits and whether or not Chris Rock’s new Netflix special, “Tambourine”, was worth $20 million. Also, white people’s president wants to alter SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) to provide recipients with a USDA food package full of food that the administration deems staples, and we’re not here for it…and neither should you be. if only Wakanda were a real place? #wakanda #blackpanther #snap #obama #babjpodcast #babj #dreamvillage #podcastsincolor #podcast #DontStopListenListen #trapbrew



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