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Ep. 127 – Mumbo Sauce For Colonizers: A Hate Story

Greetings and salutations, lovers, friends and bammas alike. We are back at, once again after a much-needed break with all the news, worthy to talk shit about. This was a short week filled with travel news. Nicki Minaj flew to China and got reverse Lauryn Hill’d. Problematic Preacher fave Jamal Bryant decided to take his talents down south to the A, as he takes over Eddie Longs’ megachurch New Birth, and an American missionary illegally traveled to an uncontacted island and, well, didn’t come back. Elsewhere the alleged Mayor of DC tried to tell a joke about mumbo sauce and no one laughed. Not a single person. No one. All that and more this week on the pod. Pour something out and set a spell. #BLR #DontStopListenListen



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