Ending Legal Protections for Killer Cops Starts Now

Policing the Police

Maryland: Not As Progressive As Advertised. The first state in the nation to pass a Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights (LEOBR) back in 1974, now has a real shot of weakening the law which has protected many murderous officers from prosecution. In the 2021 Maryland legislative session, there are multiple bills pending that could provide a glimmer of accountability for the families of victims of police brutality. Kim talks to MD Delegate Gabriel Acevero who introduced legislation to repeal the LEOBR in the House, and he tells us why these actions are so necessary for his constituents.

Later in the show, journalists Taya Graham and Stephen Janis join to discuss their groundbreaking documentary, “The Friendliest Town”. This compelling tale chronicles what happened to a Black police chief who tried to change the culture of policing in a white a town and how he was attacked, persecuted, and later exonerated by the criminal justice system.

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