Democrats Just Discredited BLM Mvmt, RNC & DNC Conv Are Betrayals, Richard Wolff On Coming Crash

Hands Up, Don't Shoot! / The Progressive Soapbox ft Jamarl Thomas

Democrats Just Discredited BLM Mvmt, RNC & DNC Conv Are Betrayal, Richard Wolff On Coming Crash

Title for Clip: The Democratic Party Just Discredited The Black Lives Matter Leadership On Nat’l TV; BLM Must Respond

RNC & DNC’s Conventions Are Betrayals Of Representative Government, Constituents & Country

Obama’s former chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel Just Destroyed The Credibility Of The Black Lives Matter Organization on network television interview. BLM must make a statement affirming their independence. You are being co-opted, if not in deed in image, and it will work in ther interest of biden giving him a boost in exchange of standing near black people while they take pictures. After the election, you will vanish. You’re a wild card that will get roundly ignored.

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