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Conversations w/ Smart People Marilyn Oduenyi (Homeschool) & OPEN CALL-2nd hour

This month’s CONVERSATION W/ SMART PEOPLE features, MARILYN ODUENYI, Peaceful Parenting & Conscious Motherhood Coach at as she drops by to discuss her expert tips for parents being asked to HOMESCHOOL children during this CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK. ODUEYNI, an UNSCHOOLING advocate, explains UNSCHOOLING and how it can be used to better serve our AFRICAN-AMERICAN children too often under served in PUBLIC SCHOOLS. ODDUEYNI also coaches BLACK WOMEN who are overwhelmed with CHILDREN, WORK, & PERSONAL LIFE how to properly find peace and balance in order to regain the joy in their lives. Please be sure to CALL-IN and #GIVEUSYOUR3CENTS during the OPEN CALL (2nd hour 11:00-12pm EST) where TRUTH SEEKERS can call-in to discuss any topic you want (CORONAVIRUS, ECONOMICS, TRUMP, ETC). The 2nd hour belongs to you. MENTAL DIALOGUE asking the questions America’s afraid to ask. ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU THINK

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