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Conversations w/ Smart People Horace Williams (Empowrd)-Politics & Open Call!!!

This week’s CONVERSATION W/ SMART PEOPLE features HORACE WILLIAMS, founder of EMPOWRD mobile app. WILLIAMS created his app to simplify civic engagement by providing access to your elected officials, organizations, and political news. At MD we rarely talk politics, but when we do it’s rarely the typical left and right back and forth you hear in the mainstream media. What does Williams think of the IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS, the BYRON ALLEN SUPREME COURT CASE, the BOOMING ECONOMY, and the PRESIDENTIAL RACE 2020?  The 2nd hour is an OPEN CALL to all TRUTH SEEKERS to call in and dialogue about anything you want. The 2nd hour belongs to you. MENTAL DIALOGUE asking the questions America’s afraid to ask. ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU THINK

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