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Conversations w/ Smart Organizations Speak Georgia & Code Ninjas

 This week’s CONVERSATIONS W/ SMART PEOPLE series features two different organizations looking to make a powerful impact on the community. First hour guest is JANELL JONES, co-founder of SPEAK GEORGIA a town hall series focused on a taking a BIPARTISAN look as some of the nation’s most important POLITICAL ISSUES.  We discuss the success of their 1st SPEAK GEORGIA town hall on CRIMINAL JUSTICE featuring JA’RON SMITH, the co-author of the 1ST STEP ACT; and what should the community expect at their upcoming town hall meeting discussing the GEORGIA HEARTBEAT BILL. The 2nd hour features KIMBERLY HENRY, an assistant director at CODE NINJAS, a company specializing in teaching youth how to code for technology.  As a director for one of only five BLACK-OWNED Code Ninja franchises (out of a 100+ nationwide), we discuss the challenges of not only getting more AFRICAN-AMERICANS children involved at the centers, but the task of pushing for more BLACK franchise owners as well. MENTAL DIALOGUE asking the questions America’s afraid to ask. ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU THINK 

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