Victor of RWS

CoronaVirus And Capitalism – A Tale Of Two Shitty Things

Hey gang.  We intend to take you on this audio ride with us.  We’re over 1,000 episodes now and we’re transitioning into making Social Dissonance the long form show and the Wine Cellar a fun social justice place to be.  As per casual, we have triggering shit on here and we strongly suggest folks proceesd with caution.  We’re still socializing the masks.  Dr. Chelsey Sprengeler of FURIE – Feminist Uprising to Resist Inequality and Exploitation is teaming up with us to start with getting 25 masks out to women in the city out here.  We’re going to bag those up, ship them and then that organization will do the street level work.  While we have more masks on order, we’d like to know what else folks need.  If you know someone that needs something of which they...