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Exposing The White Phony Grievance Industry

Exposing The White Phony Grievance Industry

MoT #20 How WS Monetizes Our Oppression & “Resistance”

White supremacy made a business out of oppressing us. But it's also made a business out of setting up phony "resistance" groups and then getting us to fund them. CashApp: $ProfessorBlacktruth #B1 #WeAreTheBlackMedia

MoT #16 As Kamala’s Approval Craters Roly Offers His “Advice”

Kamala's is on the outs, her approval ratings are cratering. Roland says her communications staff is failing and she needs to talk to him. But it seems more like he's auditioning for a white house job! CashApp: $ProfessorBlacktruth #B1 #WeAreTheBlackMedia

MoT #9 Biden, Kamala and The Root Are Crashing and We’re The Reason Why!

Biden's approval rating is 36%. Kamala Harris's approval rating is 28% and TheRoot is hoping to trickbait -re, I mean clickbait people into checking out their online sewer. When black people ignore you you fall fast. CashApp: $ProfessorBlacktruth #B1 #WeAreTheBlackMedia

MoT #3: Dems Lose In Virginia. It’s Black People’s “Fault”

CashApp: $ProfessorBlacktruth Latinos and Asians broke for the GOP in Virginia last night. And yet the white media narrative will be that black people are to blame. not for lack of turnout but for making "unpopular" demands. They will use this as their excuse to "get the extremists in check."

Dems Tell Black Women Voters To “Save America” (Again) But Why?

Jonathan Capehart is calling on black women vote Democrat to "save he republic." But the question is when is the republic going to stop killing black women? CashApp: $ProfessorBlacktruth #B1 #NewBlackMedia #Tangibles2022

Chappelle Beats The Media, Biden Ignores Lead-Water Crisis In Michigan

The white media is helpless to take Dave Chappelle down and they know it! Also, Benton Harbor, MI is black and voted for Biden. They're having a lead-water crisis, so why did Biden totally ignore them last week and visit the white (and Republican!) city of Howell, MI instead? #B1 #BlackMedia

Media Reports “Infighting” and “Dysfunction” In Kamala’s Office. Is This The Beginning of Her End?

The white media is reporting "infighting" and "dysfunction" on the VP's office as well as Dems who think she has no diplomatic skills. Why are they suddenly bashing her and undermining her standing to become president?

Newsweek Forced To Say “Descendants of American Slaves,” And Bootlicks Failing At Damage Control

Newsweek is the latest white media outlet to have to change their language because of us. Black media now defines the terms of the debate. Also bootlicks like Charles Blow are trying to calm down the disillusioned black Biden supporters by pretending to criticize Biden's policies...without criticizing Biden himself! And Roly Poly loves racist George Lopez. #B1 #WeAreTheBlackMedia #DAS #DescandantsofAmericanSlaves

Bootlicks Now Scared & Alone After Haitian Deportations

The bootlick media hoped DAS/FBA would come to the Haitian migrants rescue. But we didn't. Now faced with no options among black Americans, and white paymasters who will soon see them as obsolete, the black immigrant media is now trying to wish the Black Media away. #B1 #WeHaveNoFriends #FBA/DAS

Boston Mayor’s Race: A Lesson In Racial “Leapfrogging”

Boston is 25% black, had 3 black candidates on the mayoral ballot, and they all lost to first-generation Asian and a Tunisian/Polish contenders. What can this teach us about how white supremacy favors some groups over others? #B1 #CutTheCheck #WeHaveNoFriends

Convincing Us Their Puppets Are Actually “Winners”

It was totally predictable that Eric Adams and Shontel Brown would win their primaries. Yet the white media's treating these completely expected outcomes as if they were voters "rejecting" the "radicals" of 2020.

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