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Media Fails To Redefine Reparations. Black Folks Still Want It In Cash!

After years of trying to get us to settle for housing vouchers as “reparations” the white media is forced to admit black people see through the scam and are still demanding cash. The black media’s message is keeping our people On Code! #B1 #Reparations #CutTheCheck

Biden’s First 100 Days. Everyone Got Something Except Black People

After telling black people he “had our backs” Biden’s first 100 days reveals that it was all a lie.

Democrats Passing Laws For Everyone Except Black Voters

Biden and the Dems are passing rafts of executive orders and laws in aneffort meant to elevate everyone above black people before we can stop it.

Voting For Your Own Destruction -A Rant

We told you Biden/Harris would totally overlook black people and put huge all their efforts into every other group except us. And now it’s official! I highly recommend you watch TBA’s excellent breakdown of this.

Biden Starts Giving Bootlicks Gov’t Positions, Ignores Black Voters

The black people who made excuses for voting for Biden are having buyers remorse now. Too late! The bootlicks who lied for him are getting jobs in the white house but they’ll be the ONLY black people who get anything from this administration. This is what happens when you vote first and made demands later. #NoTangiblesNoVote #B1

Trump’s “Plan For Black America.” When Racists Try To Pander!

Trump has a “plan” for black America. No reparations, no tangibles, no punishing the police. Just the same old “minorities” programs as the Democrats.

Lynching Breonna –Dems & GOP Cooperate To Protect Her Killers

The lynching of Breonna Taylor proves that a Democrat DA will gladly work with a Republican state Atty General to protect a black person’s killers from prison. And while the cable pundits want us to think voting Trump out will change anything, nobody has asked what the Dems will do, especially since the DA who refused to prosecute Breonna’s killers is himself a Democrat. As is the mayor of Louisville and the governor!

Ginsburg: A Friend To Racists and An Opponent of Black Empowerment

Ruth Ginsburg had open contempt for black people, from her decades-long “friendship” with fellow racist Antonin Scalia, to her vile attacks on black athletes protesting police violence. I’m going to tell you about the Ruth Ginsburg that the white media won’t! #Tangibles2020 #CutTheCheck

Race-Terrorists: The Irregular Forces of White Supremacy

From Dylann Roof to Kyle Rittenhouse, there’s been an ongoing series of ambush attacks being carried out by individuals who are related to, have worked with, or been supported by the police. It’s time to examine just how close these associations are and why it is the police ALWAYS seem to be working hand in hand with these murderous cowards.