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Escaping The Cults of TERFS And SWERFS

Hey gang.  This is a segment from a full epside dropped on patreon early access.  Thanks for checking us out.  Pink News Dot Co Dot UK The ‘gender critical’ feminist movement is a cult that grooms, controls and abuses, according to a lesbian who managed to escape VIC PARSONS MAY 17, 2020 [‘TERF is a slur’: Lesbian who left gender-critical movement calls it a cult] Writer Amy Dyess. (Supplied) “TERF is hate speech and it’s time to condemn it,” gender-critical writer Amy Dyess announced in October 2018 – words she now regrets. “TERF is a slur used to sexually harass, threaten, and silence lesbians,” continued Amy’s viral Medium post, which was liked more than 4,300 times. Back then, Amy was connected to an international network of powerful lesbians. She believed, like many people in the “gen...

Wine Cellar Live 5/18/20

Hey gang. This is the first segment of a full 98 minute episode of which is currently Patreon Early Access.  The rest of the segments will be released to this feed individually.  $PhoenixCalida —PO Box — Wine Cellar Media  847 S Randall Rd Box #400 Elgin IL 60123

The Heroes Act – Transphobic Violence – Racist Alex Witt On MSDNC

Hey gang.  William Solo on a Morning Wine Cellar here.  It went to Patreon Early Access first and now it’s here on the socialized feed.  Thanks for checking us out. 

TRIGGER WARNING – Boosie Badass Sexualizes His Own Black Boys In Sick Tradition

TRIGGER WARNING – Boosie Badass Sexualizes His Own Black Boys In Sick Tradition

TRIGGER WARNING – Alex Jones Will Eat Your Ass – Cops Will Murder And Rape

hey gang.  We’re getting it together with this hardware replacement and all the funky settings.  Google Chrome is becoming a problem.  But we still push through and get an episode together.  Don’t forget to check out WineCellarMedia.Com for more info on our stories and links to our social media pages. 

Liberals Move The Overton Window On Rape Culture

Hey gang.  We tried out a facebook live earler and now we’re gonna try a live audio show at the same time and see how it works.  We’ve replaced the old laptop and we’re ready to try out working with this new hardware and bring it back.  So it appears the dems are going, going, going with Joe The Rapester Man Biden.   I have no idea what their f’ing deal is with this but they’re doing it.  We also have legislative news updates and might be able to fit in a white on white crime. 

I’m An Essential Worker For Now

I may not be so essential when folks aren/t forced to by what the capitalists are obsessed with keeping me at work to produce.

CoronaVirus And Capitalism – A Tale Of Two Shitty Things

Hey gang.  We intend to take you on this audio ride with us.  We’re over 1,000 episodes now and we’re transitioning into making Social Dissonance the long form show and the Wine Cellar a fun social justice place to be.  As per casual, we have triggering shit on here and we strongly suggest folks proceesd with caution.  We’re still socializing the masks.  Dr. Chelsey Sprengeler of FURIE – Feminist Uprising to Resist Inequality and Exploitation is teaming up with us to start with getting 25 masks out to women in the city out here.  We’re going to bag those up, ship them and then that organization will do the street level work.  While we have more masks on order, we’d like to know what else folks need.  If you know someone that needs something of which they...

TRIGGER WARNING Transphobia Climate Change Sex Workers Black Misleadership Class

Hey gang.  If you want to hold it down with our collectivising and socializing efforts with masks, here’s our P.O. Box where you can send material or completed masks and your shipping bill for us to pay you back and we’ll get them out to comrades and community free of charge to the recipient.  Wine Cellar Media 847 S Randall Rd Box #400 Elgin IL 60123 Hey gang. I made a facebook post, to remind me to tell a short story about an experience at work this week. I’ll some news to it as well.  From there, we get into the news as we do. It’s William Solo while Phoenix works with SWOP and the masks.  

Still Being The Wine Cellar Under Coronial Times

Hey gang.  A relativelyi long form Wine Cellar episode for you.  It’s triggering. It’s rough. And there is more to come.  We have the masks on the way and we’re trying to hook folks up.  Thanks for staying tuned and make sure to check out Dr. Mo And Phoenix Calida

Phoenix And Dr Mo

Hey gang.  Phoenix Calida and Dr. Mo rock an episode together by recording via a facebook messenger call and a blutooth speaker up against a microphone.  We had to make it happen somehow.  This episode is very constructive and it’s important to have front line fighters like Dr. Mo speak out and help us understand what we’re going through, globally right now. 

It took 51 workers Plus Environmental Racism

Hey gang.  We have a couple of news clips and a Morning Wine Cellar riff for you.  We have all of the masks sent out and Phoenix Calida posted the receipts for the shipping.  Thank you to the homies that kicked over to help cover the costs. 

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