The Bishop Chronicles

#158: Shock G, DMX, and What’s Next?

Adisa the Bishop talks about the legacy and untimely passing of Shock G, and how Digital Underground threw the greatest parties in the history of the bay area. Ian P. Levy, EdD joins to talk about the life and music of DMX.

#157: Inkpulp

Adisa the Bishop talks with Shawn Crystal @inkpulp talking about Hip-Hop (KRS, Public Enemy and NWA’s rise during the wave of thrash and punk), comics and how artists going forward can get paid with NFT.  @inkpulp @bishopchronicles

#156: Old School Rap Stories w/ The Bishop

Adisa talks about lucid dreaming and shares old school rap stories. Follow Bishop Chronicles

#155: Hip-Hop & Social Media w/ Dr. Post A Lot

This week Adisa talks with Hip-Hop social media wizard @drpostalot talking about the best and worst moves artists can make to get seen the right way. They talk everything from the impact of streaming trends like Twitch and Verzuz and the best tips for indie artists.  Follow Adisa on Instagram Follow Dr. Post A Lot on Instagram Much more on Pharcyde TV

#154: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop with Davey D

Legendary DJ, radio host, historian and Co-author @mrdaveyd of Can’t Stop Won’t Stop with  Jeff Chang @zentronix (dropping March 15th) talks about how funk music in The Bay made it truly unique to NYC, LA, Houston and Detroit. Davey D also talks about a lesson he taught KRS ONE about Hip-Hop.  Davey D Adisa Banjoko Much more on Pharcyde TV

#153: of Dead Prez

This week Adisa the Bishop talks with the one and only revolutionary rap icon aka @stic from the legendary rap group Dead Prez. They talk about how much love Dead Prez has for The Bay and how the Black Panthers impacted their work. Then Stic talks about how studying old school rap performances helped Dead Prez get their on stage shows so lit Lord Jamar knew they had something special. Follow Follow Adisa Pharcyde TV

#152: John Leguizamo

Latino acting icon John Leguizamo @johnleguizamo and Executive Producer Carla Berkowitz talk to Adisa about the making of the chess film @criticalthinkingmovie . They share not only their love of chess and Hip-Hop but also the racism and gender based bias they struggle with trying to tell better stories from a Latino/Latina/Latinx perspective.    Adisa John Leguizamo Carla Berkowitz  

#151: Can Hip-Hop Fix the Black & Asian Violence?

After a spike violence where Black youth in The Bay Area were seen on video shoving and attacking elderly Asians.  One man Vicha Ratanapakdee, 84 years old was sadly killed. Adisa the Bishop talks about how we might take steps to fix this unacceptable trend.  Daniel Dae Kim and Daniel Wu are offering a $25,000 reward in search of the attackers. Follow Adisa Pharcyde TV

#150: Casual

The Bishop sits down with rap legend @casualrapgod about his new YouTube documentary The Battle Casual x Saafir. It details one of the greatest rap battles to ever have on live radio hosted by King Tech and @realsway on the Wake Up Show. Then they talk about Casual’s journeys on tour, his book on Egyptology and his new technology venture    Follow Casual on Instagram Follow Adisa on Instagram   Powered by Pharcyde TV

#149 EXCLUSIVE: Mel D. Cole Frontlines at Capitol Riots

Iconic Hip-Hip photojournalist Mel D. Cole @meldcole sits with Adisa the Bishop and tells you stories of what it was like photographing Nipsey Hussle, Travis Scott and Black Thought. Then, he takes you with him on the frontlines of BLM protests for George Floyd and his first hand account of the Capitol Riots. You won’t get this anywhere else.  Check out Mel D. Cole’s amazing work at Follow Mel D. Cole Follow Adisa Powered by Pharcyde TV

#148: How to Stay Sane Through 2021 Chaos

Adisa the Bishop tells you how to keep your head on right as we approach the inauguration and the political and social upheaval. Stay positive with Bishop Chronicles. Adisa on Instagram Pharcyde TV on Instagram Home

#147: The RZA

We get you started off right in 2021 havin Wu-Tang Clan’s Abbott, the @RZA sit with Adisa the Bishop to celebrate RZA gracing the cover of Jan 2021 @USChess cover story (written by Adisa and photographed by @mikerelm!) They go in depth on chess, meditation, his pilgrimage to China’s Shaolin Monastery and he even gives you a vegan recipe to keep you fit and focused for 2021!  Watch the entire episode on the Bishop Chronicles YouTube Channel Follow the RZA on Instagram Follow Adisa on Instagram Stay locked in at Pharcyde TV

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