Hella Black

EP 68: Support Yo People (Mutual Aid)

Our first live stream episode dives into the COVID-19 Pandemic and the importance of mutual aid in making sure the most marginalized and oppressed have what they need in times of crisis.

EP 67: Black Trans Organizing (feat Eli)

On this episode of Hella Black we talk with Black Trans organizer Eli (@EliToYou) about Black Trans organizing, how cishet folks can be in solidarity, and the process of education. Tap in!

EP 66: Rest in Power Malcolm X!

On this episode of Hella Black we critique the new Netflix documentary “Who Killed Malcolm X”. We discuss why we have issues with the documentary and also talk about Delency’s run in with an Elizabeth Warren canvaser.

EP 65: Being Black in Sports Journalism (feat Logan Murdock)

On episode 65 we sit down with our homie Logan Murdock and talk about sports journalism and how he got where he is in the industry. Tap in! For an extended episode go to our Patreon,

EP 64: Abolishing the Prison Industrial Complex (Feat Mariame Kaba)

On this episode we talk about abolishing the prison industrial complex, restorative justice, and transformative justice with Mariame Kaba. For an extended episode, go to our Patreon.

EP 63: N*ggas Tryin'(feat Noname)

On episode 63 of Hella Black we talk with artist, community and book club organizer Noname! We talk about Chicago, Noname’s politicization, the Noname Bookclub, and radical politics. Tap in! For an extended episode got to

EP 62: The Myth of Black Buying Power (feat Dr. Jared Ball)

On this episode of Hella Black we talk about the myth of Black Buying Power, HBCU’s, and how the myth of Black capitalism is used to shame Black poor people. Tap in with our Patreon @

EP 61: No War in Iran

On this episode we talk about imperialism and the u.s and it’s illegal occupations in Iraq and throughout the world. We also talk about the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani. Tap in with our Patreon for extended content.

EP 60: You Can’t Impeach white supremacy

On episode 60 of Hella Black we record live from Patreon’s headquarters. Here’s what we talk about: -We talk about our residency program at Patreon – trump’s impeachment – Blake’s trip to the National Memorial for Peace and Justice -Yearly wrap up for Hella Black

EP 59: Lizzo and Anti-Fatness (Feat @BlackFatQueer)

On this episode we talk about the backlash Lizzo has faced and how it relates to anti-fatness and anti-Blackness. We have Syd who is from Detroit join us for this episode. We hope you enjoy!! If you want an extended episode with exclusive content, become a Patron.

EP 58: Afrotech Ain’t Revolutionary + Navigating the Workspace

On this episode we talk about Afro tech, Navigating the workspace, and Colin Kaepernicks workout with the NFL.

EP 57: Summer Walker, Setting Boundaries, and Prioritizing Mental Health

On this episode of Hella Black we talk about Summer Walker and the importance of taking care of your mental health.

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