Hella Black

EP 104: Black Cinema (feat Q)

On this episode of Hella Black we talk about Black representation in film with our boy Q. Tap in!

EP 103: “Celebrity Activism” or Controlled Opposition?

On this episode we talked more about celebrity activism and how often times it’s used as controlled opposition from the state.

EP 102: New Afrika!

On this episode we talk about why we identify as New Afrikans as well as why we need independence and our own nation.

EP 101: TY4FWM (feat ALLBLACK)

On this episode of Hella Black we have our potna ALLBLACK join us on Hella Black. We talk about his personal growth, how we all used to record in the same studio, how he’s supported People’s Programs, and his debut album TY4FWM.

EP 100: WE IS NOT DEAD PT 2(Youtube edition)

This is the part 2 of episode 100. If you tap in with our youtube, this was a video episode.

EP 100: We is Not Dead!

EP 100 of Hella Black is out now! This episode is a culmination of some of our earlier episodes as well as a reflection of how we got here. Much love to our Patrons who help support us. And s/o to Maya for producing this for us. Patreon.com/hellablackpod

EP 99: Message To The People Pt 2: Don’t Be Fooled

We talk about the verdict in the murder of George Floyd and why Derek Chauvin being convicted is not justice. Tap in!

EP 98: Nonviolent Communication + Restorative and Transformative Justice (Feat Kadijah Means)

On EP 98 of Hella Black we sit down with Kadijah Means and talk about the importance of Nonviolent Communication as well as RJ/TJ.. we almost at 100 episodes!!! Help us get 100 Patrons!!

EP 97: The Impact of Islam on Black Revolutions (feat Sheikh Hashim Ali)

On this episode of Hella Black we sit down with Sheikh Hashim Ali and have a discussion on Islam’s role on Black revolutions. We talk about his relationship with Malcolm Shabazz, as well as his relationship with 2PAC, and much more. Tap in!

EP 96: Understanding Neo-Colonialism Through the Black Radical Tradition (feat Dr. CBS)

On this episode we sit down with Dr. CBS (@blackleftaf) and discuss what Neo-colonialism is and how it oppresses Africans throughout the diaspora.

EP 95: What is “Black Owned” Under Capitalism?

On this episode of Hella Black we break down the idea of “Black Owned” and what can truly be “Black Owned” when we don’t own the means of production. Tap in with our Patreon, Patreon.com/HellaBlackPod

EP 94: Free Yo Mind and Yo A*s Will Follow (Feat Jalil Muntaqim)

This episode was a long time coming. On this episode we sit down with New Afrikan R/evolutionary Jalil Muntaqim and talk about what it was like growing up in San Francisco and San Jose. We talk about why he joined the Black Panther Party and eventually the Black Liberation Army. Jalil also talks about the Republic of New Afrika, and what New Afrikan means as it relates to Pan Afrikanism. We also talk about his book We Are Our Own Liberators, Spirituality, the Jericho Movement, and more. Tap in!!!!

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