Black Farmers Lost $326B In Farm Land By Sabotage Of Government

Black farmers were sabotaged out of 12M acres of farm land due to sabotage by the government. How long will it take for them to recover this land?

Luqman Nation – Blackonomically Speaking: Banking or Crypto-Betting; Is This All We’ve Got?

Jacquie and Dr. Tauheed discuss the latest scandal facing Well Fargo and their racist practices, and is our only option to banking crypto-betting?


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Forbes: These Are The World’s 15 Black billionaires

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Biden’s Executive Order on Crypto…

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Ep 5 (Season 6) – Cryptocurrency 101: The Dollars & (Non)Sense of it All

In this episode, Amber and Erika are joined by a Broke-ish All-Star, Dr. Jared Ball, to discuss the ins and outs of cryptocurrency. Dr. Ball combines his expertise in media literacy with his personal interest in cryptocurrency to show us how savvy messaging creates the illusion of a crypto market that’s inoculated from the racism and inequality that plagues traditional financial markets. But a little deep diving reveals the inescapable reality that racism, sexism, scheming, and wealth disparities exist everywhere - even in the crypto universe. Tune in to get the scoop on whether cryptocurrency is a source of wealth and financial freedom for Black people, or simply another money scheme that over promises and under delivers.

Hill Harper (and others): Sunken In Cryptoganda

#HillHarper #Bitcoin #Cryptoganda SHOW NOTES: (0:36) Intro, Correcting My Memory Regarding Amilcar Cabral, and Responding to Criticism (24:20) I am Not Karl Evanzz! and Dr. Leah Hollis' Latest on the Treatment of Black Women Faculty by HBCUs (38:53) Hill Harper Disrespects Dr. King, Black History, Economics as a Shill for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Full Cryptoganda Playlist (including Parts One and Two about Harper's Black Wall Street Wallet) Hill Harper's Absurd MLK - Cryptoganda / Blockchain Commercial Bitcoin's "Black Paper" Can the Fed Engineer a Soft Landing for the Biggest Bubble Since $12,000 Tul...

Bitcoin and Black (Capitalist) America

#BitcoinAndBlackAmerica #BlackCapitalism #Cryptocurrency A discussion of the book Bitcoin and Black America by Isaiah Jackson and specifically how the book updates, rebrands, and redeploys old arguments around Black business, entrepreneurialism, and Black capitalism. Bitcoin and Black America by Isaiah Jackson Jared A. Ball is a Professor of Communication and Africana Studies at Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD. and author of The Myth and Propaganda of Black Buying Power (Palgrave, 2020). Ball is also host of the podcast “iMiXWHATiLiKE!”, co-founder of Black Power Media which can be found at, and his decades of journalism, media, writing, and political work can be found at ____________________...

Black Capitalism and Bitcoin (Part TWO)

#BlackWallStreetWallet #Bitcoin #Cryptocurrency Show Notes: Part ONE "Cryptoganda" Playlist: Hill Harper's Black Wall Street Wallet Are Satoshis Worth Investing In How Crypto Wallets Make Money CLOSING THE WEALTH GAP: BLACK AMERICA AND BITCOIN ADOPTION Michael Hudson - On Bitcoin With Max (Keiser) The Cost of Promoting Crypto Kim Kardashian Is Pro...

The Black (Capitalism) Wall Street Wallet and The It’s Not a Different World HBCU Project

#Kwanzaa #Socialism #Bitcoin Show Notes: Official Kwanzaa Website Bruce Dixon - Why I Can't Celebrate Kwanzaa HAPPY KWANZAA: IT'S NOT JUST A CELEBRATION, BUT ALSO A SOLUTION Walter Rodney - Tanzanian Ujamaa and Scientific Socialism Hill Harper's Black Wall Street Wallet Are Satoshis Worth Investing In How Crypto Wallets Make Money

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