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The Reason Black Trans Women Are Being Beat And Killed

This is not intended to promote hate towards the LGBTQ community so please be respectful

1898 Wilmington Massacre ~ #ADOS

On Nov. 10, 1898, white supremacists murdered African Americans in Wilmington, North Carolina and deposed the elected Reconstruction era government in a coup d’etat. It was the morning of November 10, 1898, in Wilmington, North Carolina, and the fire was the beginning of an assault that took place seven blocks east of the Cape Fear River, about 10 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean. By sundown, [Alex] Manly’s newspaper [The Daily Record] had been torched, as many as 60 people had been murdered, and the local government that was elected two days prior had been overthrown and replaced by white supremacists. For all the violent moments in United States history, the mob’s gruesome attack was unique: It was the only coup d’état ever to take place on American soil. Lost in the fire that destro...

Chinese In Africa Beating Black Africans

Black Africans don’t control Africa

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