#BabyBoomers, What the hell is wrong with yall?

#DemetraKaye and #DonovanSaadiq talk about the continuing bashing of the younger generation by the older generation known as BABY BOOMERS

T.I & Takashi 69 Birds 🦅 of a Feather

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Who s Joe Biden going to Pick As Running Mate

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Michelle Obama’s Misdirected Anger At Black Voters

When hunger strikes will you be prepared? Food shortages coming W/Mechee X

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NYC & Survival Deals

How The Media Has Racialized The Pandemic

Black people are not “disproportionately represented” in covid19 infections or deaths. But the white media is pushing the lie that we are. And whereas other groups are given money for any covid-related issues, we get talked down to by the Surgeon General. I’ll explain why


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4-19-2020: No Reparations – No Vote

America moved quickly to spend trillions without a single delay. There are no more excuses to deny us reparations. TBA explains. To support tonight’s program by going to our Streamlabs: Visit our CashApp: $TheBlackChannel See our bestselling documentaries: