#BlackAF on #Netflix; Are you really Black AF?


BlackAF on #Netflix by #KenyaBarriss is a show about Kanya Bariss’s life. His eldest daughter is trying to get into NYU and she is recording her family as part of her application. (mockumentary)

Bariss is the writer of Grownish, blackish, and Mixish… and now Black AF

I am not a fan of the writing style, I am not a fan of the shots, and I really do not like the cutaways…However, these are stylistic choices that I will not criticize him for.

I think Bariss suffers from the same thing that Tyler perry suffers from, that is, their shows seem to all have one note. The style is not the same.

For Tyler Perry, he talks a lot about his show being for his mother ( a letter to his mother), and For Kenya Bariss, it is him portraying his family.

All of this starts feeling played out after a while and as the audience, we are left feeling unsatisfied because we have seen it so many times.

Also, let me just say here, I appreciate Tyler Perry and, unless he does something outrageous, I will continue to support him ( I do wish he had better writers or he can expand his subject matter… though it has been working for him so for… so).

As a consumer of media, and particularly, black shows, I wonder the same thing Kenya Barris wondered in his show BLack AF,

As black people can we criticize black art and can do we have to support black artists?



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