Bassem Streaming Ferguson Protest & Arrest — 11 19 2014


Peaceful protest. Cops appear in riot gear. Take down Bassem who was streaming. Phone he uses to stream with was broken.
Gov Nixon the previous week in a news comference said that violence would not be tolerated. The head of police said that police would appear in their normal uniforms without riot gear as long as there was no violence. The DOJ told police they must wear name tags & not hide their identity.

Actions of the police were to move in on the protesters, including moving them off the sidewalk (where the police originally had told them to stay) into the street. Police appeared in riot gear and some were missing name tag indentification.

So what is the Ferguson community to believe? Who are they to believe?

Watch the whole event as live streamed by fergusonlive here
1st 12 mins:
followed by next hour:

And from the time Re_Z showed up, the top 4 videos here:

Also streaming was stldagger:

And the sole streamer after the other streamers had left was occupythemob. His videos can be view here:

Make up your own mind what the truth is. Was there violence? If so, who’s was it? Who started & finished it?

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