#ADOS #FBA Yvette Carnell, Tone Talks, and Tariq Nasheed “HOT GRITS FLYING EVERYWHERE” #Reparations


If you’re surprised that the issue of reparations for black Americans has taken so long to resolve, blame the presidents of America. President Andrew Johnson, Lyndon B. Johnson and the Black Community. It has take this generation to wake-up the mass of what it happening to the Black community . We need checks and balances yet all be see in mud slinging and egos stroking. Where are the true leaders?

The Constitution of the United States

Congress Section 8
he Bill of Rights & All Amendments

As the Civil War wound down in 1865, Gen. William T. Sherman made the promise that would come to be known as “40 acres and a mule” — redistributing a huge tract of Atlantic coastline to black Americans recently freed from bondage. President Abraham Lincoln and Congress gave their approval, and soon 40,000 freedmen in the South had started to plant and build.

Within months of Lincoln’s assassination, though, President Johnson rescinded the order and returned the land to its former owners. Congress made another attempt at compensation, but Johnson vetoed it.

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