Morning fam

☕ Morning fam. This is so true,

☕ Morning fam,
This is so true,

“Understand the power of having high levels of conversation. Unrestricted Black empowerment conversations. As well as how being in healthy all Black spaces is liberating. I rarely get that in St. Louis. Building amongst Black people is almost shunned here. Having high levels of conversations are almost nonexistent for the masses. Ain’t gonna be no Black empowerment conversations because well “everyone lives, works, and plays off Black oppression”” – Tosha X Phonix

And black ignorance, which is why school districts serving black communities lack accreditation and don’t meet minimal state standards. Schools, entire districts were allowed to fail for decades and not surprisingly not one black leader has made this their signature issue at the local, state or national level. No politician especially black politicans want an informed black class. An informed black class would mean the end of the grift and the many, many, many ways the Dem establishment machine, faux progressives and black misleadership class lives, works and plays off black ignorance. And that’s not happening. Don’t let the public playfighting fool you, exploiting negros is the one thing they are all in agreement on.

Back to what Tosha said, black empowerment conversations and building ARE shunned here because “everyone lives, works, and plays off Black oppression”. EVERBODY, elected leaders, these predatory orgs, the black clergy, even activists and protesters. There’s a reason the BLM grift started here: lack vision, don’t recognize game and quick to sellout the collective, in many cases for crumbs. In some simply attention. And validation.

Building and exploring alternatives outside of the grift are not tolerated, let alone supported. Attempts are sabotaged, anybody on that smeared, threatened… ostracized. They don’t even support entertainment. You have to leave St. Louis… Redd Foxx, Josephine Baker, Ike & Tina Turner, Maya Angelou, Jennifer Lewis, Cedric the Entertainer, Niecy Nash… I can go on. Nelly stayed and they hated him.

Don’t believe the hype, there is no exploring alternatives outside establishment Dem politics. There is no progressive movement. What is being pushed as progressivism is the ongoing rebranding of the Dem party. First black mayor. First woman mayor. First black woman mayor… First black county prosecutor. First black circuit attorney. First black woman to go to Congress. Symbolism and tokenism. No progressive policies. No stimulus. No substantive police reform. No legalization of marijuana. No reprieve on bs tickets and warrants. No unapologetic black voices in the ear of these politicians. No support for new black media. No support for the real black grassroots, those who have the eyes and ears of the streets or those already doing the work on their own dime.

Change? What change?

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