Morning fam

☕ Morning fam, St. Louis continues to be the blueprint for what not to do and what happens when you mix negro politics with establishment Democrat and progressive politics…

☕ Morning fam,
St. Louis continues to be the blueprint for what not to do and what happens when you mix negro politics with establishment Democrat and progressive politics, you end up with party first negro leaders, negro leaders that do the bidding of Dems and yaaaasss fam, Republicans… negro leaders who sabotage black progression and exploit race as a means to cloak their own fuckery, the decline of black wards and municipalities, lack of economic development, poverty, high crime, record homicides… They allow entire black school districts to fall into an unaccredited state so generations are mis/undereducated and unable to fight back, keeping them dependent on said black faces ‘fighting’ for them…

Much has been said about St Louis’ racism, it is internationally known… worldwide. But what is not known is how it is made worse by the complicity of negro leaders and the go along to get along negros who sit back and watch it all go down in silence, cowards. Lots of talk about Ferguson, but very little about the antiblackness in black wards like Pine Lawn or the fact its black mayor Sylvester the Cat was shaking down businesses or that its prosecutor who worked under Bob McCulloch in St. Louis County served as the Brown family attorney. The fix was in, Mike Brown was never gonna get justice. Wesley Bell ran on the murder of Mike Brown, Ferguson and being the antiMcCulloch, got in and cosigned everything Bob McCulloch said. And movement folk gave him a pass, the biggest failure of this movement Michael Brown dying in vain.

Much is said about racism in politics, not much is said about how negro politicians purposely split the black vote to ensure the establishment candidate wins. Not much is said about the new fake out, having mofos think its cute to elect unqualified ex McDonald’s employees and battle rappers… cats set up to fail, mislead and/or keep with the status quo. This isn’t about whether you like either or think they’re good people. This is about them being qualified to lead and accept responsibility for results/lack of impacting thousands they represent. This isn’t about me saying their unqualified, their actions have proven them unqualified.

Let’s talk about disastrous black girl magic… electing a black woman who held a whites only protest, rode the white progressive wave to Congress, voted for Pelosi, caved on M4A, $15 min wage and qualified immunity. The latest? Ungendering black women by calling them birthing people. Ungendering, not empowering. And black women cheer this as a win.

Look at the people elevated/elected since Ferguson, no one should be surprised at the results. Every action Rasheen Aldridge has been a part of has failed. Bruce Franks resigned in scandal. Cori Bush is propped up by white progressives and black women desperate to see themselves in position… Nevermind she the new black face pretend fighting then acquiescing to party… then trying to sell it to us back home as change.

Much is said about racism in the criminal justice system, not much about black prosecutors who do not prosecute those committing offenses against black people, making it open season on black people, the proof is the highest homicide rate in 50 years, most of the victims black, even black children. St. Louis now bears the distinction of being the child murder capitol. No tour of these warzones by Tishaura, Cori or Kim like they toured the Workhouse. No press conferences or commitment to keep black children safe. Huge diff between mothers and birthing people. Mothers are supposed to give af.

Look at city government, the comptroller, these old assed aldermen and councilmen that are not equipped for the battles we face today, look at the condition of their wards and municipalities, they weren’t equipped to handle the battles of yesterday which is why we find ourselves in this fast paced downward spiral.

Look at these predatory black orgs, second only to the black clergy, both have taken in millions, money that could have funded the real grass roots and change instead squandered bankrolling and propping up those who repeatedly fail black people…

We can talk about racism in St. Louis and the entire State of Missouri all day, but none of that excuses or is justification for anything I wrote. Yes, racism exists, we all deal with it and have to produce regardless. Same is true for black leadership, no passes given. The days of negro leaders exploiting it to hide their own fuckery and complicity are over.

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