Morning fam

☕ Morning fam, A ✊ to those who get this…

☕ Morning fam,  A ✊ to those who get this…

☕ Morning fam,
Today is International Revolutionary Day. We are not revolutionary, we are reactionary. We are not fighting for freedom… or even black progression. We’re fighting for our own oppression, and choice of oppressor. We rather beg than build. We refuse to sacrifice comfort for progress. We support millionaires and billionaires instead of the grassroots. We have no long term goal or gameplay beyond an abstract definition of the word “equality”. We are so obsessed with white folks we can’t focus on what we need to do. Look at our communities, there is a lot we can do. And no, this isn’t about bootstraps, this is about things getting much worse if we do nothing. The impact worse. The consequence worse. And nobody’s coming to save us. The people that put you here ain’t gonna save you. A ✊ to those who get this.

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