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You are watching Alt Black TV. When we are not broadcasting live we air black news, politics & commentary throughout the black diaspora.

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RBG Pill – Reparations Hearings & Malcolm X


Blacks are Being Attacked Everyday by Another Group

Black people are attacked or mistreated everyday because they are black

High Tech Lynching is Real: All It Takes Is Tears, An Accusation, & Shaming

Welcome to the Green Gorilla Channel! The place where Black men can express themselves freely. Straight up. No chaser! Join this channel to get access to perks:...

Biz, Media & Tech

House Democrats Move To PRESSURE TV Providers To BAN Fox News, OANN & Newsmax!

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DEMOCRATS DEMAND CABLE CARRIERS BAN CONSERVATIVE NEWS OUTLETS. Why you ask? Because Dem can’t compete with ideas in the public space so they must get rid ...

Trump’s Impeachment Lawyer DESTROYS Mainstream Media | Cuomo, AOC …FACTS Revealed.

Micheal Van Der Veen Destroys CBSN and other Mainstream Media Services on an interview. Exposes Democrats who presented falsified documents to implicate Trump a...

Celeb, Ent & Sports

Damien on Why Tiger Woods’ Golf Career May Be Over | Damien Jones Podcast

#TigerWoods #GenesisInvitational #Golf Damien weighs in on Tiger Woods’ recent automobile crash and why his golf career may come to an end very soon. Subs...

Rare Muhammad Ali Documentary (1972)

Courtesy Muhammad Ali largest collection in the world you tube channel Shared for historical purposes. ...

My Reflections on ‘Judas & The Black Messiah”

#Cointelpro #BlackSugjugation #Oppression #AntiBlackness